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INCI = International Nomenclature Cosmetics Ingredients

With this free online data base, you have the opportunity to check your cosmetic's ingredients and get an overall picture of your favorite product.

Type a word or only the first letters of your INCI (ingredient)
Concerning CI/ INCI (colors): type CI, followed by the first number (without space in between).

Each INCI term (ingredient), that you will find in the data base is followed by its evaluation ranging from "very good" to "not recommended".

Further instructions

  • The research also gives a brief instruction about the ingredient's function (skin conditionner, preservative, etc) and the ingredient's nature & origin.
  • Ingredients, which are used in different forms, shall be evaluated in the same category.
    Like for instance the evaluations for PEGs, will be valid for all ingredients starting with "PEG".



very good





not recommended

depends on the origin

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*INCI = International Nomenclature Cosmetics Ingrédients


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